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Integrate email into Accuro

Office providers and MOA should be able to email in and out of Accuro with as much ease as faxing or printing. All email correspondence should then become part of the patient medical record. EMR Products exist that can automate email reminders (or sms text messages) to patx about appointments and care due (pap etc). EMR products exist that utilize a patient portal for secure correspondence fully integrated into the EMR. This allows great efficiency and complete documentation of the dialogue in the EMR. Partial solutions can be found that use third party apps to "print" to email/encrypt and pswrd protect. This serves the outgoing email but does not address incoming. There are a number of good ideas listed that request email functionality of some sort on IdeaSpace. Can Accuro customers rally to encourage fully integrated email, or better yet, a fully functional portal that facilitates email communication? Can Accuro respond to the value it would bring to their product?
  • Stephen McLaren
  • Jun 20 2016
  • Released
  • Dec 5, 2018

    Admin response

    We feel that having a solution for securely discussing a patient’s care would bring considerable value to the healthcare system.   Historically email has been considered inherently insecure which is why we have recommended against it for communicating with patients.  Through our Medeo product, providers can already safely communicate with patients using secure messaging.  We are currently working towards integrating Medeo with Accuro to improve the overall workflow of using both products.  We started with online booking and secure messaging is the next phase. This offering will provide Accuro users the ability to securely communicate with patients through Medeo.

    The suggestion to have automated reminders is really interesting.  We do currently have Accuro Appointment Reminders to remind patients about upcoming appointments, but this solution does not include other reminders.

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  • Richard Safranyos commented
    28 Dec, 2023 09:55pm


  • David Smith commented
    29 Oct, 2020 08:53pm

    During the COVID-19 lockdown the transmission of lab reqs by fax has become particularly problematic here in Ontario. The labs are overwhelmed and are asking us NOT to fax, preferring email as the vehicle. BUT email is time consuming as it must be done with a number of steps. Given we have 30 to 40 requests for reqs most days, time is something we don't have. Email should be one right click in the way faxes are.

  • Lynn commented
    5 Oct, 2020 10:39pm

    NKW's comments are on the money -- Medeo is a clunky way to have to communicate with patients and for many patients, too steep of a learning curve. Not a great option in our opinion...

  • Lynn commented
    24 Aug, 2020 10:04pm

    It would be nice to be able to contact patients via their email from Accuro, direcly, not through an intermediary app/software like Medeo -- many patients are not tech saavy and giving them something else they have to download often leads to them declining communication this way. plus, it is an additional cost, and it seems like in 2020, this should be a core part of the Accuro EMR. Thanks

  • NK W commented
    21 Apr, 2020 08:09pm

    Time for Optimed to rethink this.

    email has almost 100% penetration to my patients. It can be encrypted and using this medium can be agreed to by the patient in advance who owns their medical records. Medeo costs money, has a learning curve and needs patient training and significant advance set up.

    email's are now billable in BC under code T10007. emailing from and to Accuro would capture these records and assist in billings.

  • Lori Zawadiuk commented
    5 Dec, 2018 09:43pm

    QHR - our patients request emails all the time with appointment information and requisitions. Currently I have to print the document from the patient's EMR and then scan it on a separate scanner to my computer and then attach it to an email from a separate program. This seems so ridiculous to me! I can fax records from the patient's EMR to the patient, but I cannot email them from the EMR? Not everybody has a fax anymore! There are some doctors offices that I can't even fax to as it will not work through Windows fax. Fax is antiquated as the other guest said!

  • Guest commented
    5 Dec, 2018 08:09pm

    Hi QHR, using Medeo is not a solution, and certainly not user-friendly like the original idea. Please do not list this idea as complete. Providers are looking to communicate with other providers, insurance companies, patients and others. If you could figure out a way to do this, as easy as faxing, you would be revolutionizing medical communication. Fax is antiquated - there has to be a better option!

  • Admin
    Shelley Hughes commented
    5 Dec, 2018 08:05pm

    QHR Technologies Inc. offers secure Patient Messaging between a Provider/Provider Delegate and a Patient.

    For more information, please refer to: https://accuroemr.com/clinic-tools/secure-patient-messaging/

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2018 10:43pm

    Is there an update for this? This was posted 2 years ago.

  • Guest commented
    5 May, 2017 02:37am

    I support a patient portal where we can safely communicate with a patient, for example advise them of test results, or the need to follow up. 

    Our staff waste a lot of time trying to reach patients by phone.

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