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Increase Font Size bigger than 14

We have recently updated to Windows 7 and with doing so, the font size within Accuro, even at a 14 font is waaayyyy too small to see. Most of the administrative staff and physicians have 23 inch monitors, therefore, even adjusting the resolution does not change the size within Accuro. Please VOTE on this to be able to adjust more font sizes within Accuro. 14 font is not big enough for larger screen. It needs to be at least a minimum of 18. Even with bifocals, our staff is having a very difficult time reading this. Thank you. Deb
  • Guest
  • Jun 20 2016
  • Gathering Your Feedback
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  • Guest commented
    5 Jul, 2023 01:35pm

    Please increase the font size. Blurry vision and eye strain and headaches are possibly ending my career way to early. Please help

  • Dave Logan commented
    7 Mar, 2022 08:18pm

    I can't say enough....please make this a function. Eye strain, headache, blurry vision all a result. Thanks very much!

  • ARYAN SHOJAEI-FARD commented
    5 Jan, 2022 03:37am

    Yes please. I kindly ask Accuro authorities to upgrade their font size to 18 or 20.

    If the font sizes 14 was really an annoying part of the Accuro EMR in the past, now that because of the pandemic, most physicians are doing virtual visits on the Loptop screens, the Font issue has turned into an urgent requirement.

  • Hannah Wong commented
    18 Jun, 2021 09:08pm

    Yes, PLEASE change this, and allow for a "zooming in" option when typing notes. I'm typing notes in size 14 but on my small screen (especially with working from home on a laptop) it looks like size 8.

  • Admin
    Lauren Romano commented
    1 Feb, 2021 08:30pm

    From another Idea entry: With most work being virtual now because of COVID and many providers using laptops (for portability) SIZE 14 FONT IS NOT "LARGE" ENOUGH FOR A 13 IN LAPTOP MONITOR. It looks like size 8.

  • Guest commented
    23 Feb, 2017 03:14am

    I find it difficult to read anything for billing.  i have tried increasing my computer's screen resolution; that did not make any difference.  we even had our IT person look into but he was unable to increase the font size in Accuro.

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