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Add a "No Family Doctor" option for Family Phys

Currently, the only option available is --None-- which could mean 2 things: the patient does not have a family doctor OR the field was missed by staff and just forgot to update it. We would like to have an option for "No Family Doctor" to explicitly express that the patient does not have a family doctor.

  • Guest
  • Mar 9 2020
  • Gathering Your Feedback
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  • Admin
    Lauren Romano commented
    12 Nov, 2020 10:05pm

    You can add a fake billing number like 0000 or 9999 in order to bypass this requirement.

  • Tara F commented
    12 Nov, 2020 09:22pm

    You can't save a provider without a billing number; so you can't just add NO Family Doctor

  • Amanda L commented
    1 Sep, 2020 12:50am

    Yes please and make it work with the billing screen.

  • Admin
    Lauren Romano commented
    10 Mar, 2020 10:16pm

    One option might be to add an entry to your address book for "No Family Doctor" so that this may be selected when choosing a Family Physician for a patient.