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24hr clock

most health care practitioners use a 24hr clock, and not the current option of AM/PM, which allows for a greater ability to make mistakes. Please consider making a change to allow users to use both options depending on their needs (assuming that not all users may require this feature).

  • Jacqueline Hunter
  • Aug 18 2020
  • Shortlisted
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  • Jacqueline Hunter commented
    8 Feb, 2021 05:19pm

    Hi Alison,

    As a user in BC, MSP doesn't really seem to care what format we put time to, but there are some other reasons for this. I have a few ideas and look forward to chatting with you about this.


  • Admin
    Alison Cooney commented
    8 Feb, 2021 04:59pm

    Thank you, Dave!

  • Agassiz Medical Centre commented
    8 Feb, 2021 04:56pm

    The claims area is definitely important. With the amount of virtual visits done, scheduling would be helpful in 24hr clock. Manitoba Health sees it 24. But, I would like to see all ACCURO using 24Hr clock.

    -On belhaf of a biller

  • Agassiz Medical Centre commented
    8 Feb, 2021 04:42pm

    The absence of the 24 hr time option is most frustrating in the claims area.

    Manitoba Health requires the time to be submitted in 24 hrs format. It is keyed in as 24 hr format and Accuro switches it to 12 hr format. Manitoba Health sees it in 24 hr format but the user can not.

    Switching back and forth is confusing and is one of the most common and unnecessary reasons for claim rejection.

    When the biller has entered a muti-line claim and then goes back to edit one line it is a simple matter to confuse the am / pm when you are thinking 24 hr but seeing 12 hr.

  • Admin
    Alison Cooney commented
    8 Feb, 2021 03:02pm

    Morning, everyone; a question for you: If you would prefer a military time option, in which area of Accuro do you find the lack of that option now to be the most frustrating/confusing (e.g. claims, appointment scheduling, manual lab entry)? Why?

  • Greg Laakmann commented
    24 Aug, 2020 04:02pm

    Although I prefer 12 hr clock, it makes sense to have the option to use eithr 12 or 24hr

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