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Bullet point rehault - function should mimic those of word processors

The functioning of nested bullet points should mimic what is done in MS Word, other word processors. For those that use bullet points with nesting to organize our encounter notes, Accuro uses a weird system.

Issue #1 - Not able to create bullet points without clicking the button in the formatting section; should be a shortcut by pressing "- " at a start of new line

Typing "-" followed by space bar at the start of a new line should automatically create a bullet point, as it does in MS Word. In Accuro, I have to keep finding the bullet point button every time I want to create a new one. Every other word processor allows you to create a bulleted list by pushing "-" on a new line, followed by a space bar.

Issue #2 - inability to decrease level of nested bullet point

Pressing the TAB key successfully increases the level of a nested bullet point by moving it right. This is working fine in Accuro.

The problem is that pressing backspace on a nested bullet point should bring you from a sub-bullet point to a higher level bullet point (i.e. move the tab left), not delete the bullet point entirely. For example I have various levels of bullets and sub-bullet

  • Test 1

    • Test 2

      • Test 3

When I push backspace, before "Test 3", in every other word processor besides Accuro (the intended function), it brings me to this, where it brings the nested bullet point one level to the left.

  • Test 1

    • Test 2

    • Test 3

In Accuro, pressing backspace before a nested bullet point (this example, backspace right before "Test 3" deletes the entire bullet point giving me this. This is a wrong function and makes it a huge hassle just to modify the level/tab of a nested point.

  • Test 1

    • Test 2

Test 3

  • Christopher Parr
  • May 6 2024
  • Needs Review
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