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Medeo vs Accuro Phone Numbers

There is only one phone number field when creating a new Medeo account. When a patient enters their cell phone # in the Medeo field, it is automatically copied over to the home phone field of Accuro. The office then has to go in on the Accuro side a move the phone # to the cell # field.

Expansion from PAT-I-54 being merged in:

When the patient is signing themselves up they are asked to enter a phone number.

The doctors patients have mentioned to him it would be nice if it had asked for a “Cell phone number” or “primary contact” and indicated that way they would get text. They reported entering their home number out of habit but it’s really not their primary contact.

  • Daryl Laverdure
  • Jul 8 2016
  • Future Consideration
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  • Sarbjeet Singh commented
    27 Aug, 2017 06:04am

    The Medeo Account should correspond to the 3 phone number fields in Accuro. Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone.  It will be a good idea to have the Fax Number also since medical information/records as per the PHIA Act does require a secure method such as Fax for receipt of this information.

  • Anton Bergh commented
    29 Dec, 2016 03:47am

    Medeo needs to accurately identify the phone number so that it stops overwriting the home phone number in Accuro and places a correctly identified phone number in the correct box (home, office or cell number). Furthermore our Cliniconex recall software requires correctly identified numbers in order to function well and so do my clinic staff and myself. Overwritten home phone numbers is detrimental all round.