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Automatically notify user if fax does not send

There are times when a fax does not go through (retries exceeded, etc). When that happens, the system should send a message advising the user. The user should not have to check the fax log to be sure faxes went. This can be critical.
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  • Jun 20 2016
  • Future Consideration
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  • Sammy K. commented
    24 May 12:44am

    Completely agree!

  • Guest commented
    23 May 03:51am

    i 100% agree this feature should be implemented. june 2016....for "future consideration" ...it's 2021 and it's still not an option. cant be that hard.

  • Brittany Wisniewski commented
    11 Nov, 2020 12:42am

    The option to have this as a feature would be better - I personally check that log many times a day and wouldn't want it changed

  • Guest commented
    10 Oct, 2019 07:38pm

    POPUP message will be good.

  • Guest commented
    11 Jun, 2019 07:57pm


  • Linda Thurston commented
    14 Jan, 2019 07:33pm

    I think this is a great idea!

  • Guest commented
    28 Dec, 2018 02:50pm

    The best idea we have seen yet is...The fax icon should post a red number indicating the number of faxes that have failed.  It would be very clear to the admin staff and less disruptive than pop ups or extra mail messages to the physicians.

  • Guest commented
    28 Dec, 2018 02:44pm

    Mail message would work if only going to ADMIN staff as we are the ones following up on the faxes.  The physicians receive enough mail as it is.

  • Timothy Murray commented
    18 Dec, 2018 02:16am

    An important and useful feature

  • Timothy Murray commented
    18 Dec, 2018 02:15am


  • Pam Nore commented
    17 Dec, 2018 10:32pm

    I agree! I would love to be notified.

  • Tracey Scott commented
    17 Dec, 2018 01:48pm

    I like the pop up idea best. We are a very busy clinic and if a pop up that would have to be physically deleted came up that would be great!

  • Guest commented
    13 Jun, 2018 02:30pm

    A pop-up would be great that doesn't disappear until you have acknowledge it.

  • Karen Marose commented
    7 May, 2018 09:38pm

    This would assist with calls days later indicating fax was never received. Would ensure all faxes are received in a timely manner

  • Guest commented
    17 Apr, 2018 07:58pm

    There are days when we have a large number of failed faxes, pop ups would be very annoying. We prefer the idea of "red numbers on the failed fax icon", or a mail message to the admin. Mail messages to the sending doctor could be very annoying for them.

  • Carole St-Jacques commented
    3 Apr, 2018 01:08pm

    I agree with the change in fax icon such as the icon changing to red in colour with the number of failed faxes.

  • Carole St-Jacques commented
    3 Apr, 2018 01:07pm

    I agree with a change in the fax icon such as the icon changing to red in colour and indicating number of faxes failed.

  • Lisa Everett commented
    27 Mar, 2018 02:07pm

    Mail message or pop up window.

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  • Agassiz Medical Centre commented
    23 Mar, 2018 01:56pm

    Please NO pop-up's! Mail message would be great, or task with a way to get to fax manager with options to re send.


    In an ideal world, I think a check box on the send fax dialog that users can indicate if they want to be notified of failure. Then you could have the option of pop-up, mail or task. As long as Accuro remembers the default option and not needed to select every time.  To take it a step further, you could have a notify who option, so when physicians send a fax and it fails it notifies reception or their assistant to take care of the rest of the delivery.

  • Guest commented
    22 Mar, 2018 04:48pm

    a pop up that shows up immediately as an error

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