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Personal Templates Instead of Clinic Wide / Global

You already have an option for personal macros that belong to the doctor and nobody else (along with the global macros).

Why aren't templates personal? We have a massive clinic of 30+ doctors with many specialties and you have had to restrict template editing functions from most doctors so that we don't mess with each other's templates. Why not just keep templates for personal use? This seems like a no-brainer and was an excellent function of Libre.

The Template Wizard should give the option to have each individual provider have a saved list of their own templates, that are not shared to others.

  • Christopher Parr
  • May 6 2024
  • Needs Review
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  • Kate Dixon commented
    12 Jun 06:54pm

    Hi Dr. Parr,

    This is functionality that our group has been asking about for years! We run one of the largest Accuro deployments in Ontario, with over 500 active users including 125+ primary care providers. While we would love for our providers to be able to create their own personal templates, the lack of granular control - and the complete lack of audit tracking or restore functionality - across that entire feature forces us to lock it down to administrators only. We have the same issue with the Form Editor: it would be great if our users could create forms themselves, even just for use cases like pre-populating bloodwork requisitions with sets of tests tailored to specific conditions, but we can't let them use either of those tools because there's no mechanism by which we can prevent them from modifying (or accidentally deleting) existing system-wide forms and letters, many of which represent hours of labour and revision.

    That limitation also prevents our providers from being able to incorporate advanced tools like form-to-letter workflows. We can't give them access to the features required to build out those workflows themselves, and our small internal support team doesn't have the resources to dedicate to special projects for individual providers. It's frustrating knowing that there are ways for clinicians to dramatically improve their efficiency and quality of their charting, but having to deny those options to them because so much of Accuro's functionality is still rooted in a small office mindset rather than an enterprise-level approach.